Demo sites are one of the best and most useful ways to promote your product’s functionality, and for WordPressers nowhere is that more evident than with WordPress plugins, themes and other services. Having a testing ground where your potential customers can try out your product for real and with its full functionality will help convince them to purchase your product over that of a competitor (if it’s any good, of course). There are a few ways you can run these demo sites, but one of the best ways at the moment is certainly through the use of a plugin from the creators of Ninja Forms – Ninja Demo. Below I’ll be going through what this great plugin offers as well as my experiences with it while creating a brand new demo site for the WP RSS Aggregator plugin. An Overview of Ninja Demo With Ninja Demo, your potential customers can login to your demo site with whatever role you’d like. You can let them modify, delete, upload, and spill juice* on your demo without leaving anything permanent behind; your customer gets to try out your product in a true-to-life environment, and Ninja Demo cleans up the mess. It’s perfect for themes, plugins, or any kind of WordPress product. * Does not actually
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