This may sound odd coming from someone who sells plugins, but the truth of the matter is most WordPress users, and more importantly potential users, don’t want a plugin, or a theme — they want a complete website solution. This can be hard to grasp for those of us who spend all of our time making websites. We spend tons of time searching for the coolest plugins, themes, development tools and ways to speed up our sites. We spend our days consumed by the awesome that is WordPress — but we are not a good representation of the market for WordPress plugins and themes. But for the user who just wants to make a single website, things are different. They are not looking for cool tools. They are looking to sell a product and/ or promote their message. There are also tons of small business and solo freelancers using WordPress to make sites, with little to no development skills serving those in need of a site. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of these types of users, whether they have coding skills or not. Too often, those who do have those skills look down on these types of WordPress users. That’s wrong. WordPress is a platform that is just as much for the advanced developer as it
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