I’ll start by telling you this isn’t the end-all review of these themes because I’m working on a longer review of all the plugins and themes in a single post with a complete scorecard. But I saw comments on a few other posts I wrote that asked about these two themes so I thought I would jump over here and give you a quick take on these two themes and who I think they’re for. Both of these themes are relatively new, so you can also expect that things will change rapidly for a few months as they take in feedback and iterate. Comparing Page Builder Themes When anyone compares page builder themes, you have to start by asking if the comparison criteria fits you. If I were comparing performance (for example) and you didn’t care about performance, then you could just skip the review entirely. I also want to note, clearly, that this post is my personal opinion (like every post written on this site). And I’ll note that every single person steps into any comparison with a bias, and with a point of view. For me, my perspective and bias is for the end user who isn’t technical. For this particular comparison, I was looking at the following: Features Ease of Use Creative Expression WPMU Dev Upfront
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