Here at Pagely® we talk a lot about scaling, and typically it’s of the hosting variety. Lot’s of servers, lots of bits and bytes put to work for our clients. Today we’re not here to talk about that, but rather how we ourselves are scaling up. So here’s the scoop. As a company our revenue has doubled in the past 3 quarters. We are now serving 30+ billion HTTP requests per month, plus overseeing 20,000 plugin updates per month. Our total files under management now exceed 1.25 billion. We have customers in Amazon’s data centers all over the world including USA, Ireland, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. As we’ve moved to focus on the higher end of the market, we’ve now got customers on plans ranging from VPS-1 to custom clusters. We have worked hard to maintain our level of support and uptime during this process, and have been hiring rapidly to do so. We’ve added 4 new team members (Jeremy, Jennifer, Brian, and Shaun) in the past month. We look forward to more growth in the future.
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