The design process is changing, and with collaboration and iteration at an all-time high, it can be hard to keep it all straight when there are a variety of ways to achieve the same result. Here are a few Photoshop tools for an efficient workflow (and for keeping yourself SANE in the process!): Layer Comps If you are not used to layer comps, keeping them updated can be tricky at first, but they are an amazing tool once you understand how they work. Layer comps are great for showing states of objects, such as the hover state of a navigation item or showing a different navigation menu altogether if the user is logged in. All of these instances have to be created first, then open Window > Layer Comps and create your new comp. f you change anything, you will need to click the update comp icon. To show another state, turn off the layers (or make other necessary changes to position, layer effects, visibility only) and click the create new comp button. You cannot change any existing text or size of an element as it will be changed in all layer comps. For more information about layer comps, please visit Adobe’s documentation. Linked Smart Objects Linked smart objects will keep your design elements
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