Last week a blind SQL injection vulnerability was discovered in Yoast’s popular WordPress SEO plugin. Given the severity of the vulnerability and the fact that the plugin is installed on more than one million WordPress sites, the security team at pushed a forced update to mitigate the possibility of mass exploitation. Following this incident, the Pods framework team proactively performed a security review of their plugin and found an issue similar to the one discovered and disclosed last week in the WordPress SEO plugin. Contributor Josh Pollock describes the issue in the release announcement: We believe this is an especially severe issue as this issue occurred in the PodsUI class, which is not only used for the Pods admin, but is also employed by many end-users to create front-end and back-end content management interfaces for non-admin users. The issue occurred in approximately Line 859 of the PodsUI class. The orderby parameter, which is passed from the browser in a GET variable was subsequently used in an SQL query without being properly sanitized. As a result malicious or other unintended SQL queries could be sent to the database by manipulating the GET request. Pods
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