For those who blog, you’ve no doubt been asked at some point in time: How do you find the time to blog? Or: How do you consistently come up with things to write about? And for those who are just starting out, I think these are great questions especially if you love to write. After all, most (admittedly, some are in it for different reasons) of us do this because we like it – we enjoy sharing what we’ve learned, we hope to help others along their way, and we hope to learn from others via comments. But if you’re looking to start a blog, looking to blog more regularly, or just trying to find some sources of inspiration for how to continue, then here are some things that I’ve found useful when wanting to consistently share things with you each day. Granted, this may be geared more towards developers than anything else – I’ve tried to keep it pretty agnostic – but perhaps this advice for blogging will help someone else along the way. 1. We’re All Learning Something Regardless of where you are in your career, there are going to be people who are further along than you; there are going to be people who are coming up behind you. It’s okay to share problems that you’ve worked through and solved
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