The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic platform for running a local copy of WordPress for development, testing & even production (for smaller sites!). WordPressPi is a fully configured image that is powered by Nginx for blazing fast performance and of course the latest version of WordPress as the CMS. You can have your own WordPress blog setup locally in a matter of minutes with the PressPi image, or if you are feeling a tad more adventurous – I’ve included detailed instructions for sharing your WordPress site with the world. ~Enjoy Download PressPi: You can download PressPi v1.6 HERE. Installing PressPi: Download Win32DiskImager Write image to SD Card. (8gb+) After initial Boot-up, Run “Sudo raspi-config” to expand the file system. About The Image: Raspbian Base B+ compatible Powered by Nginx SSH: pi/raspberry User: wpadmin / !WPadmin! MySQL: wpadmin / !WPadmin! PHPmyadmin: wpadmin / !WPadmin! Raspcontrol: presspi / !PressPi! Access WordPressPi http://your_pi_ip_address/wp-login.php http://presspi/wp-login.php Access PHPmyadmin http://presspi:81 Access Raspcontrol http://presspi/raspcontrol By popular demand – An Updated Version for the Raspberry Pi 2 is in the works and should be released
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