Preventive maintenance is a concept employed, to some degree, by most industries. Taken at it’s most literal interpretation, it’s also practiced in the most common activities in which humans participate. Bathing prevents germs and disease, as does cleaning the house. Changing the oil in a vehicle prevents the engine from failing. We do these things because we know that failing to do so will result in larger problems in the future. If a problem does occur, you’re now in a different realm. You’re then responding in a reactive manner. Perhaps your vehicle has broken down on a remote road, creating further problems, or perhaps you forgot to clean the refrigerator for a month, and now a horrifically-evolved microcosm of bacteria and disease has taken anchor inside. End of analogy! At Maintainn, several of the initial support requests received by new account holders are ultimately the result of a lack of preventive maintenance being employed by the site owner. Some common initial issues are: A profoundly out-dated version of WordPress Out-dated versions of plugins A theme containing a method or functionality that WordPress core has deprecated The “Frankenstein” – A site using countless plugins
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