WooCommerce is an amazing tool for selling products through your WordPress powered website. It’s infinitely extendable for developers, has great documentation, and overall gets your online e-commerce up and running very smoothly. We love it so much we made QuickCheckout that let’s your customers buy with WooCommerce even faster. Another thing I particularly appreciate about WooCommerce is the emphasis on the customer experience from start to finish. Users can navigate to the products easily, see screenshots, add or read reviews, add the product to their cart, purchase, and then get a well formatted confirmation email. This is great. So if you care at all about your customer experience, you want to know how to customize those receipts and notifications to give them the best impression of your business and give them the most relevant information about their purchase. So, like the rest of WooCommerce, there’s all these great hooks and filters available to customize the email templates to optimize that experience. There’s just one problem: You Can’t Preview Changes to the Template at all! I’m certain…like REALLY certain that this feature is on someone’s to-do list over at Woo, and they’ll
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