WordPress powers close to one quarter of the internet. One in every four websites uses this great piece of software. Sit back and think about the scale of that for a minute. How often are you browsing around sites running WordPress without even realizing it? Now let the dark side of you take over. We all have one–just give in, just for a minute. Imagine if you found a way into ANY WordPress site. Now put those thoughts together: You are evil, one in every four websites is powered by WordPress, and you found a way into all of them. Imagine the possibilities! Ok, now come back to the good side. Forget you ever considered hacking into your friend’s blog to say extra nice things about your own blog, but don’t forget what you learned. WordPress has a big target on its back. As something grows to power, it is natural for it to become a target. When you are a target, though, you need to be more careful. The President has the secret service to protect him. You need to ask yourself: Are you doing your duty as the secret service of your website? If you are like most WordPress site owners, probably not. That is why you hear about someone’s WordPress site being hacked on a fairly regular basis.
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