Putting it all together: A look at Gravity Forms Two days ago I wrote about segmentation. Yesterday I talked to you about value-based pricing. Today I thought I would bring the two together into a practical exercise and see if I can help make it all make sense. I’ve decided to do this exercise by looking at a plugin we all know: Gravity Forms. Now, to be clear, Carl, the CEO of Rocket Genius (makers of Gravity Forms), is a friend of mine. But I haven’t asked him for any data. So the analysis I’m making below is completely my own, not based on any insider knowledge, and definately not based in the reality of his customer data. I have no idea how many customers he has, what segments he’s defined, how much they’ve bought, or anything else. I know as much as you do. But since it’s been around forever, and since it’s well known, and since I’ve told Carl for years that he should change his pricing, I thought it would be a fun exercise. And he gets my analysis for free (except for all that toothpaste he once sent me). Let’s start with their segmentation I don’t know if Carl is doing any segmentation today, but we know at least one way to break up his current customers, and that is based on
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