Most of the individuals aged 25 love to seek higher education in order to get into the mainstream business. There are only a few exceptional individuals who tend to ride against the tide and create opportunities to bring name and fame for themselves. Jan Koch is one of some exceptional individuals, who has transformed himself into a successful entrepreneur at this age. Lady luck has been too generous upon Jan, who has tasted success at this tender age. He is the force behind the WP Summit, an event that brings the best minds of WordPress industry together. In this interview, Jan has spoke his heart out about his earlier struggles with self employment and studies. He also shares his views about the current trends within the market. He is eager to make WP Summit an annual sponsored event. He highlights various security issue faced by many WordPress websites. Cloudways: Jan, you are only 25, and you have developed your own website. You are into the consultancy business as well. That’s really fascinating to see that you have made such an incredible progress. You left your job and studies to focus on your consultancy business. How hard it was to take the risk? What triggered you to kickstart
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