With vast experience of WordPress development, Tom Harrigan has become one of the most sought-after WordPress developers. He regards his time at WooThemes as the best. Currently, he is working as WordPress Developer at Alley Interactive. He is also cofounder of Rootbuzz. With some of the most useful plugins and themes credited to his name, he plans to continue contributing towards the core WordPress development. In this interview, he shares his experience of being involved in the WordPress 4.1 release. Oh yeah, he is a huge soccer fan too! Cloudways: You have a lot of experience in programming. How did it feel, when you developed your first program? How did you find WordPress? Tell us about any interesting project that you were involved in. Tom Harrigan: My first real experience was writing software program that shoots X-rays at people. I was hired as an internee software engineer at a medical imaging company. To be honest, I felt incompetent in the beginning. It was my first time working in a team, writing shippable software program that would be used in situations where failure and bugs are unacceptable. I grew a lot, working with a team that I could look up to and learn from that
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