Originally launched in 1994 as “Hotwired,” Wired.com has grown into a family of successful blogs that reports on current and future trends in technology. Early this month, Wired announced their first major site overhaul in 8 years. We were fortunate enough to talk with Jake Spurlock, one of the software engineers on the project, about what it was like to migrate 17 active blogs to one single WordPress install. Here’s what he had to say: Torque: First off, can you tell us a little bit about what you do at Wired?? Jake Spurlock: I’m a software engineer at Condé Nast, a “premier media company renowned for producing the highest qualitycontent for the world’s most influential audiences.” In addition to Wired, Condé has other magazines like GQ/Vanity Fair/Vogue/New Yorker and sites like Ars Technica, and Reddit. Prior to working on the tech team at Wired, I led web development at Maker Media, overseeing Maker Faire and Makezine.com. Torque: I’m sure the idea of bringing all of Wired’s sites back into a single hub was something that has been in the works for a while, how did you guys decide to go with WordPress? Jake Spurlock: Well, the sites started out in WordPress, so keeping them in WordPress
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