If you are starting a food blog, or you just want to share the occasional recipe with your readers, then installing a plugin that stylishly formats your recipe posts is a great idea. By installing a plugin built for this purpose, you can not only simplify the process of adding recipes to your website, but also increase the chances of people finding their way to your content. Recipe Card is one such plugin and it’s a free option that adds a recipe template to your WordPress website. As well as giving you lots of options for how your recipes are presented – thanks to the inclusion of a selection of professional looking recipe themes – the plugin also ensures your recipe content is fully optimized for inclusion in the Google Recipe View search engine. By adding the necessary code to make your recipes schema.org compliant, your content will not only be included in the recipe search engines, but searchers will be able to quick see additional information about your dishes from the search engine results pages. So if you like the idea of using a template to publish recipes on your website in a consistent and reader-friendly way, complete with save and print buttons, then the Recipe Card plugin
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