Over the weekend we’ve been working on a cool addition to our site and it’s something we’re very excited about. We’d like to introduce you to Open Metrics – our real-time business metrics dashboard which publicly displays important metrics such as total revenue, number of sales, average order value and much more. If you’re wondering why we display this information then read on… Open Metrics Our open metrics provide real-time insights into our business and allows you to see exactly how our business is performing on various fronts. Our metrics show important e-commerce metrics including: revenue, customers, average spend per customer, average order per customer, sales, orders, average order value and more. Live sales stream Taking inspiration from Buffer‘s transparency culture and in particular their Baremetrics live dashboard we have added a live sales stream to our metrics dashboard. Our sales stream allow you to see exactly when a sale is made, what the person bought, the order value and whether a discount has been applied. Charts We’ve also added a couple of charts to the metrics dashboard which show the total sales for each extension and also shows our daily revenue figures for the
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