is most popular image optimization plugin for WordPress, and chances are if must be using it on your blog. If yes, I’m sure lately you seen a message like: Yahoo appears to be either discontinuing or not supporting their free Smush.It service – bah! So, WPMU DEV is looking into how we can provide a free service to you that replaces this… but it’s going to take some time. So, in the interim, we’re providing a (very temporary) 90% discount on any new WPMU DEV Membership to WP Smush.It users so you can use our dedicated Smush Pro servers. We will update the plugin as soon as we have it in place. Thanks, WPMU DEV Now if you can start paying for the by getting a premium membership from WPMU, or you can use any of the listed alternatives. I have started using an alternative plugin, and you can use it too. Here I’m listing down the best alternative to, and few more standalone software & tools to optimize your WordPress images. These tool-set are part of my daily blogging activity, which you can use too. Best Image Optimization WordPress Plugin After EWWW Image Optimizer This is one image optimization plugin which has been downloaded over 750,000+times
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