As the WordPress community grows, so does its demand for new and better content. One of the best ways to get this content across to a large audience in a quick and efficient way is with a podcast. WordPress podcasts are growing in popularity, as are their hosts. Most of the top podcasts are hosted by some of the best WordPress minds out there, ranging from Chris Lema to Pippin Williamson himself. This is a testament to the value of this mode of communication. While certain podcasts have simply run out of juice over the past few years and have sometimes completely come to a halt, others have grown into fixed weekly shows. New podcasts with varying content have also been introduced, taking the place of the ones that shut down. This variety of shows, subjects and hosts has led us to creating this list of the best WordPress podcasts out there right now. So here you go. “, the professional WordPress podcast. Our goal with this podcast is to provide valuable information to WordPress professionals – designers, consultants, developers as well as end users that run their businesses on WordPress.” Matt Report “I started the Matt Report podcast in October of 2012 and it quickly
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