I don’t know about you but usually when I browse a new site among other things I look at is the logo. Sounds strange but bear with me. You can often tell a lot about a certain blog just by looking at their logo. For example just a few things I often see are logos with awful fonts, big text, glowing effects with all sorts of graphics that have nothing to do with the content or the overall blog design. If I see something like that the first thing I think about is “ok maybe this guy doesn’t know much about web design” and I look around at their website to see what’s about. If I look at their latest posts the majority of blogs sound something like this: 7 tips to, 8 ways to, things you didn’t know about, and other same old bullshit. You will think that after I see a bad logo and some generic headlines I would close that website immediately right? Call me persistent but the answer is not just yet. I am prepared to give this blog another chance so I decide to read just one blog post, maybe the quality is really in the writing. But wait, I am shocked, it’s just the same “nothing” that everybody seems to be expert in. Such a shame. Often I can’t even understand the writing, the english is so
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