This headline might not sound very clear at first, so let me explain… I believe in transparency in business. In short, me and the team are here to help out the WordPress community and to try make working with WordPress easier, more time efficient, and more effective for us all. We love interacting with you guys through the comments, various forums, the official theme/plugin boards, social media and so on. That being said, we also aim to grow our business along the way, and, what follows, make money doing so. And that’s what I want to be transparent about today. I’m absolutely fascinated by what the Buffer team is doing when it comes to transparency and how much they’re sharing with the world. The data from their transparency dashboard is a true goldmine of ideas and inspiration in terms of what we could do next as a business and as a community. So long story short, this is the first edition of what I hope to turn into an ongoing thing – our Transparency Report #1. What’s been going on recently? If you don’t already know, some time ago we built and launched a WordPress theme store called ThemeIsle. The original idea was born back in November 2012 and it took us nearly two
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