Just Pick Your Tools and Stop Sounding Like a Tool In 2002 I made my computer science professor angry enough that he “accidentally” poured coffee on my assignment (we handed in printed copies of our code along with floppy disks) and for the rest of the semester he took 20 points off every assignment without explanation. What was my great sin? I turned in an assignment two weeks early when he insisted it couldn’t possibly be completed that quickly. We actually had an amusing argument in the hallway over it. *hand the professor the assignment* “Hi, Professor [What’s-Your-Face]. I finished the assignment and wondered if I could turn it in now.” *professor hands the assignment back* “No. You cannot be done.” *hand the assignment back to the professor* “But I am.” *hand back to me* “No. You cannot be finished.” *look at the paper and hand it back* “Yeah…it looks pretty finished.” The professor eventually accepted the assignment and walked away in a huff, and I wandered over to the library to read a few hours, unaware I’d somehow offended the guy with my not-so-social skills. What allowed me to finish that supposedly weeks-long coding assignment in an hour? Not my computer. In 2002 I was
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