Okay, maybe the title of this post is a bit grandiose, but whatever. Here we are. The Backstory I participate in a number of affiliate programs and am quite opinionated about how affiliate links and banners are used. Almost three months ago, I made a decision to remove affiliate banners from my site – not because they were bad, but because I wondered if they hurt my business credibility. For instance, would a potential lead come to my site and think about hiring me, but then see a bunch of affiliate banners and think “Wow, she’s clearly not making enough from client work if she needs to have advertisements all over the place. She must not be very good at what she does.” I don’t know if that situation ever happened, but I thought it would be an interesting experiment to ditch the banners for a while and rely solely on affiliate links that I sprinkle into my content (when the link is relevant to the conversation at hand, of course). The Hypothesis I proposed that removing affiliate banners would not negatively impact income. @cdils follow up post on your experiment? — Jared Williams (@madebyjared) January 2, 2015 Read on, Jared, below are the results. First, My Trends Before I can make
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