WordPress plugin popularity has always been pretty tough to figure out. We only had download counts or independent, third party website scrapers to tell us anything. Now, WordPress.org itself has more data that’s being tested and launched to give us real insight into the popularity of WordPress plugins. WordPress has long had download counts for core WordPress, plugins, and themes. But downloads counts are deceiving. They count downloads, but are not representative of actual active installs. Recently — in my Club member newsletter — I noted that it is past time to get data for actual installs, versus download counts. There is a private beta program on WordPress.org that offers just that, and at least some of the new stats are launching very, very soon. The new plugin stats pages will show four new charts, visible to plugin authors: New installs per day Updates per day Active installs per day Active versions Most importantly, the “active installs per day” chart shows us — with much greater precision than we previously had — how many actual websites are running any plugin available on WordPress.org. For the beta period, utilizing a non-public query string parameter, I was able to see
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