Why do I have a project manager on my team? What does my project manager do all day? Why am I paying for a project manager? The role of a project manager can be loosely defined as the point of contact for the client, team planner…or the greatest multi-tasker alive. While most of those descriptions are true, in all seriousness, a project manager may just be one of the most important roles on a team. I am going to walk you through a few key reasons why you may want to think twice before starting a project without a trusty project manager having your back. Project Initiation Typically an account executive will initiate the project, but it is vital to have a project manager involved in the very beginning as well. This gives the project manager a chance to meet and greet the client, establish a relationship, and gather all of the requirements for the project. The project manager then has to figure out, based on expertise and experience, who will be the best team for the project. The project don’t start till your PM rides in! A PM on top of their game will make sure that the team assigned to your project will be available to work on it during the initial proposed timeframe from the client.
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