For those of you who work in this industry, particularly at an agency, you know that we operate in a transient community. People are constantly coming and going, and jumping back and forth between companies & freelancing; that is simply the landscape of our industry. A Bitter Pill Perhaps this speaks to my childhood of living in transient communities as a missionary kid in Southeast Asia, but I am quick to build relationships and I value them greatly. When I really connect with someone, even if the most personal interaction we’ve ever had is on Google hangouts, I consider them just as much of a friend as someone that I’ve hung out with in the physical realm. I first met Sarah Pressler a couple of years ago when we both worked at Brainstorm Media and, although we to this day have never met in real life, I consider her a trusted friend and confide in her as I would someone that I regularly hang out with at the local coffee shop. I am interested to know if other people have had similar experiences, but for me this is a reality. we are a family in the house of WordPress- like it or not. tweet Unfortunately, this can make it somewhat difficult when a coworker moves on to another company,
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