In the past few months, since introducing our transparency policy, we have been sharing a lot about how our business works. We have had great feedback regarding our transparency and this has pushed us to go further. Here is what we’ve done so far. Monthly Insights with our revenue, new customers, support, here is the last one from February, and our Development roadmap. It’s time now to share our Salary Grid. What is a Salary Grid? When we were doing our first recruitment, there were a few things that we wanted to avoid. Not being transparent within the team with everyone’s salary. All of the founding partners at WP Rocket have had bad experiences in the past with companies where there was no transparency regarding staff salaries. It created a work environment where rumors circulated and there was a lack of understanding which was terrible for work conditions. Providing a better salary to someone just because his/her negotiation skills are better than another employee’s is not a good way to do things. We believe that a salary has to be adjusted based on different criteria: Where you live in the world If you have kids Your experience After talking and checking what other companies do
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