In March 2013 Envato made it possible for authors on ThemeForest to licenses their themes as 100% GPL. An initial survey revealed adoption of the full GPL license was very low. It’s now two years since the 100% option became available so we conducted another survey to find out how many themes on ThemeForest have the 100% GPL license and if authors have finally embraced the freedoms this license offers. Very Low Initial Adoption of the 100% GPL Three months after the 100% GPL choice was introduced we did a quick survey of the new themes released since the change to see if authors were embracing the fully GPL license or sticking with the regular ThemeForest license. The survey results were surprising and disappointing. After three months only 14 out of the 420 new themes had the 100% GPL license. That was just 3.3%! It seemed that authors on ThemeForest really didn’t care for the GPL! But was it just too soon to really tell? When the 100% GPL option was first introduced on ThemeForest it was evident from the hundreds of forum posts by authors there was a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and even fear about the 100% GPL license and the implications for their business and theme sales.
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