Time goes by way too fast! All... || So, the other day after I woke up, I caught a glimpse of the calendar and was hit by the sudden realization that it was going to be March in a couple of days… MARCH, of 2015! Where does time go? (*sigh*) Not that I’m complaining, but… no, I’m definitely complaining. Time goes by way too fast! All whining aside, the year has already brought about some great news and products from the realms of WordPress. In this month’s WordPress News Round-Up, we’ll be covering some of what’s been taking place in the world of WP and other great articles from around the web. WordPress Core Maintenance Release Picture by phoelix Via Shutterstock February saw an update to WordPress that fixed 21 bugs that were found in the software. Some were likely hoping for something with a little bit more interesting to this update, but according to WordPress.org, the 4.1 release went off without much of a hitch so there wasn’t much to address in this update. The update was still needed and did fix a few things so thumbs up! WordPress iSO Gets Visual Picture by Andrey Saprykin vis Shutterstock All you writers on-the-go may be happy to hear that the WordPress app for your iPhone
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