Tidy Repo has been pumping out WordPress plugin reviews since 2013. Today co-owners Jay Hoffman and and Jack McConnell are branching out to launch a new service that helps customers find a plugin for a $35 fee. The Tidy Repo plugin recommendation service is the first of its kind. With more than 36,000 plugins listed in the WordPress.org directory, and thousands more hosted elsewhere, WordPress users can get overwhelmed when trying to pinpoint the right plugin to solve a problem. Without experience or WordPress development knowledge, the process boils down to trial and error. Tidy Repo is aiming to eliminate the need for exhaustive research. After testing thousands of plugins, with 250+ published reviews, Hoffman and McConnell believe they can save customers quite a bit of time in selecting the perfect plugin. Both are developers who have written plugins and worked with WordPress for years. “I have a good sense of where conflicts can come up and what is potentially harmful,” Hoffman said. “It does become a lot of intuition too. Anyone on the WP Plugin Review team, or the great plugin developers I know, can kind of feel through things and you start being able to spot the weak points very
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