When you make web sites, it’s easy to forget that no matter how shiny the site turns out, without traffic, none of the cool stuff you made really matters. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to a site, but as a writer, I am particularly fond of content marketing. I don’t focus on it content marketing because I can do it. I focus on it as having good quality content is a precursor to other types of marketing, such as pay per click and SEO/SERP strategies. When you’re ready for the investment of time and money necessary to do those things right, you’ll need some quality content to drive traffic to. In the mean time, if you know your industry, and can write clearly, content marketing is an affordable way to reach your target consumers–by providing something free and of value to them. In this article I will share my favorite tools for content marketing, but not just practical tools for creating, and sharing content with WordPress. But I will also share my philosophy and favorite links on thinking strategically on content marketing. I’m including the philosophy, as I think it’s useful to people who are creating WordPress sites without a huge budgets — the people I’m trying to reach.
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