I love reading blog posts where companies and individuals share details that would otherwise remain secret – I used to do the same here on WPLift when I did a monthly income and statistics roundup, I have also done the same on ThemeFurnace where I shared how the launch went. Monthly income reports from bloggers continue to prove hugely popular, people like Pat Flynn have built huge audiences by using transparency and sharing everything about how they earn money online. I think the reason these types of post are so popular are for two reasons – firstly, they share information that other people keep private so they can give you an insight into a business or niche you wouldn’t normally see. Secondly they serve as motivation – if you see someone blogging in the same niche as you or working within the WordPress community and they are generating a large income, that can become inspiration for yourself to attain that level of income as well. In this post, Im going to take a look at a number of people and companies who have shared their statistics publicly, really interesting stuff that will hopefully motivate you to reach these levels of income! CodeinWP This was the post that inspired this
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