What if I could share with you a way to both do good and make money? If you’re like me, your ears would perk up. And if your ears are perked up, this article is for you. First, let me bring you up to speed: this post is the last in a series on web accessibility. We’ve gone from broadly framing what web accessibility is and then getting down into some specifics, like: how you can grade your site, why accessibility is a legal issue, which accessible WordPress plugins and themes you can use to give your site a head start. The goal for this discussion is to take away the intimidation factor of such a big topic and show you practical steps for participating in the web accessibility initiative. We’ve talked about the whys and hows — today we’re making the business case for web accessibility. How can web accessibility improve my business? Once you’ve gotten your feet wet with accessibility and know what to look for, following good practices is second nature. Until then, there’s a learning curve, and you know what learning curves mean…fewer billable hours! So how do you convince your boss, your client, or even yourself that the learning curve is worth the investment? You’re in luck, because
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