This week saw the launch of a new opt-in plugin by ElegantThemes called “Bloom” it is honestly looking like the best solution for gathering emails for your mailing list at the moment. Im going to be doing some testing of it on WPLift for a future review so I will give my full verdict then. So far though it looks great – it has popups, slide-ins, widgets, bottom of content forms. It works with 12 different mailing list services and the admin panel looks great – loads of customization features and A/B testing etc – take a look if you are in the market for this kind of plugin, you can also enter our competition to win dev memberships here which include all the ElegantThemes plugins. One post which has been trending on WPLift this week is our roundup post “Transparency in WordPress: Companies Who Publicly Share Income & Statistics” I find these types of post fascinating so check that out if you would like a little inspiration! I have spent the week designing our latest theme for ThemeFurnace and I love it – this should be our best theme yet, we are going to release a multi-purpose theme with loads of customization options and features and as always, we are trying to do it in the simplest
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