WordCamp London happened last weekend at the London Metropolitan University, I couldn’t make this as we are due a baby (very!) soon so it was good to see a roundup of the event on WPTavern, looked like a great WordCamp. I wrote a post this week about WordPress products which were forked from others, the post did well but I had a hard time researching it, check it out and please add to the comments if you have any other examples. Brian wrote a good article on PostStatus about the new HappyTables – its a very impressive product built on top of WordPress, something we are going to be seeing more of soon. Have a good weekend everyone, on with the news … WordPress News and Articles Tutorials and How-Tos Prefix all the things – Remember to prefix everything in your theme code to prevent conflicts. Getting Started With Advanced Custom Fields – ACF is a great and powerful plugin for creating custom websites within WordPress. Simple User Reviews With Gravity Forms and a Custom Post Type – Simple tutorial to collect review using Gravity Forms. Resources & Freebies Improve Your Website Conversion Rates with Heat Maps: Free PTEngine Plugin – Joe looked at a free plugin and service for viewing heat
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