We initiated the weekly roundup of WordPress articles. Last Wednesday, we published the Weekly Roundup #1 for our readers. We have shared several resources and the response was massive. We are grateful to our readers for sharing it all over the internet. With your generous support, we are able to write the roundup again for this week. WordPress isn’t stopped in making efforts. We as a family breaking records each day. It feels great for us to share the stories we read over the week. We light the candelabra to read the review post from WPBeginner about WordPress 4.2. Most of these features were announced in the 2 beta releases by WordPress. These articles are chosen from WP Daily Themes and other selected WordPress blogs. We tried our best to give you a taste of all great WordPress content available. Let’s take a look into the write-ups for past week. WordPress 4.2 Beta 2 With the continuous efforts, Drew Jaynes delivered the second beta version for WordPress 4.2. It was delivered on the time promised by the lead for this release. Peter Nilsson reviewed the major changes for this release. Good news for the FTP and SSH users. Cross browsing support added for emoji and much more. Magnus
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