Multilingual websites are becoming more and more common these days as WordPress becomes increasing popular and even more powerful with an enormous community. When starting out a multilingual site, there are a number of things to consider and some important elements to keep in mind from the very early stages of the project. In this post, I’ll try and highlight just a few main things, as every site (or Multisite) installation will, of course, vary on a per project basis. Translation Lengths Typically, during the design phase the text being used will be your native language or some alternative filler text (lorem ipsum). While this is perfectly acceptable practice, one thing to keep in mind is that many languages around the world have different writing systems. When translating a site for different languages, it’s important to think about margins and padding between elements as well as line heights. Although it’s perhaps not always possible to know how long each and every word will look once it’s translated, it’s definitely something you’ll want to account for especially when space is limited. In my experience, some languages like Russian and Polish will have words that are 1½ times the
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