Tons of things have changed At one point in time, if you owned a restaurant, maybe you thought of hiring someone to stand outside on the street corner wearing a sandwich board to tell people about your spot. Or maybe, if it was a different time, you decided to spend money on a Yellow Pages ad. I’m linking to these items on Wikipedia because there’s a chance today that you don’t know what these things are. They were the distribution mechanism of marketing at one point in life. Today, people don’t always think about sandwich boards or the Yellow Pages. Today they think about a website and maybe Google’s local ads. Or maybe you ask customers to rank you on Yelp or TripAdvisor. Maybe you’d integrate with OpenTable. Here’s the truth – the objective won’t often change but the distribution mechanism will keep changing over time. I tell you what seems obvious because I want to talk about a pricing dynamic that requires context. Marketing hasn’t changed I tell you about the difference between objective and distribution mechanism, but those words seem stilted. So instead, let’s call it the destination and the vehicle. For many businesses, the destination is always the same – to gather a group
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