I recently decided to migrate my “OKay Marketing” branding (okaymarketing.com) back to my personal branding on brianjackson.io. This included changing domains, social profiles, etc… I will walk you through below how I changed everything as I have surpisingly had quite a few people asking how I did it. Why Did I Change to Personal Branding? To be honest I never really was super in love with the company name “OKay Marketing” but at the time this was what worked. I have noticed in my social media efforts over the last 6 months everything is much easier when promoting from my personal account. I think this simply is because people like connecting with other people, not companies. I could tweet the exact same thing on my personal profile and on my company profile and my personal tweet would get twice as much engagement. I also found when people were reaching out needing services such as SEO and or blogging they requested me. They didn’t care about my company branding, they always were requesting that I be the one working on it. Neil Patel has a great guide here on “how to build your personal brand.” A portion of it really resonated with me… He said the following. If you’re looking to grow
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