What is Ghost? It’s an open source blogging platform that allows you to easily publish your content on web. Its aim is to keep the blogging process simple and pleasurable. Ghost was initiated by John O’Nolan – the former leader of WordPress UI group. John came with a new idea and concept, to make a simple yet a powerful blogging platform dedicated to one thing: publishing. So, he listed the project on Kickstarter and successfully raised £196,362 on May 28, 2013. Ghost CMS was supported by big names like: WooThemes, Envato, Microsoft, Techcrunch and others, and created a lot of buzz in the blogging community. We like its idea and the final product too, that’s why we decided to review it and share our feedback. First of all would like to mention that both Ghost and WordPress started as a simple blogging platforms. WordPress is now 12 years old and evolved into a complex CMS, powering more than 23% of all websites on web. Ghost on the other hand was built for one simple purpose: to make the publishing process simple (it was born out of many frustrations that came from heavy CMSs like WordPress). It’s probably unfair to compare Ghost with WordPress, as the 1st one is in its early days,
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