This is a simple snippet that I successfully used on a bunch of websites. Nothing else to say, just… enjoy! PHP snippet: change/set default State on the Woocommerce checkout page // Example: change default state to OREGON add_filter( 'default_checkout_state', 'change_default_checkout_state' ); function change_default_checkout_state() { return 'OR'; // state code } // US as Default country at checkout add_filter( 'default_checkout_country', 'change_default_checkout_country' ); function change_default_checkout_country() { return 'US'; } Need Help with Woocommerce? Get my professional help for $5. I’ve helped 160+ clients and received 100% positive feedback. Click here to hire me in seconds and have your Woocommerce nightmares gone in minutes! Rodolfo Melogli Author, Ecommerce expert, Web developer and Internet marketer, Rodolfo Melogli started his own Ecommerce Agency in 2011. With his easy-to-understand ecommerce techniques, he aims at helping B2C entrepreneurs grow their sales in a cost-effective, smart way.
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