Everyone looks for the cheapest, easiest solution to a problem. Why wouldn’t you? When you are using a free platform like WordPress, having similarly “free” options in your plugins and themes is attractive, right? Not necessarily. This is a look at WooCommerce vs iThemes Exchange — two of the most popular free WordPress eCommerce plugins — and the true costs of selling on a WordPress platform. WooCommerce Positives & Negatives In the last post that was released, we compared the likes of WooCommerce and WordPress to the most popular third-party solution — Shopify. But if you are already using the WordPress system heavily or already have a WordPress website and are looking for an eCommerce solution, this post is for you. If you are looking at eCommerce solutions for WordPress, you MUST have heard about WooCommerce at the very least. After all, WooCommerce is active on over 1 million websites. WooCommerce is one of the longest running plugins, but what are the positives and negatives of using WooCommerce? You get a lot of function with WooCommerce For a free plugin, WooCommerce provides A LOT of content. Sure, there are a large number of paid “Extensions” to integrate WooCommerce with
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