WordPress Francophone is an end-user and nonprofit association. Our objective is to provide information about WordPress and its community to the French-speaking users. WordPress is an open-source project, and we want to have the same open-source spirit in our community. WordPress is made by its community, hence the french-speaking WordPress community gathers users and developers in order to develop and facilitate WordPress. Participation is the main building block of WordPress, and we wish to have the same cooperation in our community. For example, our forum is currently managed by three moderators, but the majority of users answer and help others without the intervention of a moderator. I think our community is very active. As of today, we focus on three main targets: Develop local communities: WPFR was the first WP community in the French-speaking world, and therefore became WordPress Francophone — the community of all French-speaking people around the world. This has always been our mission, but we do not want to block the creation of local communities because of our weight and the fact that we are mostly Paris-based. There are now more and more new local communities in France. Several
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