We have tons of crazy ideas here at Codeable and one of them actually became a reality; We thought to ourselves, what if the client could receive a physical copy of their site after the development has been done? Granted, a developer could just give them a copy on a USB key, but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it? That’s why we decided to try and set up WordPress on the Raspberry Pi a $46-ish computer, primarily used for educational purposes but widely (ab)used all over the world, by geeks like us. Note: This is just an experiment and you shouldn’t use Raspberry Pi to host your production WordPress site. But if you want to impress your client (and earn infinite bragging power), read on. No Raspberry Pis were harmed during this experiment. What you need Because Pi comes barebone, you’ll have to buy (or borrow or dig out of your closet) these things: MicroSD card (8+ GB is recommended) MicroSD reader or adapter (so you can plug it in your computer) USB Keyboard USB Mouse (optional, if you want to use graphical interface) Micro USB power adapter HDMI cable HDMI-compatible monitor or TV Ethernet cable A free ethernet port on your router As I didn’t have most of the components, some shopping
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