WordPress releases a new version with the upgrades every 3-4 months. No other content management system can catch up with this speed. It means that there is a big team behind the game. Every release has a lead who is a top notch developer and he has a team of more than 200 devs working on the upgrades. With these updates, the core team tackles the issues and some new features are also added every time. The core team remains connected with the community through the beta releases. Therefore, a release does not just depends on the core team, but on the whole WordPress community. Questions on WordPress security have been raised several times. Brute Force Attack and vulnerabilities are common with WordPress. Most of the developers to whom I posed a question on security of WordPress were concerned about the security of the CMS. Update your plugins & themes There are thousands of plugins and themes registered within the WordPress repository. The giant WordPress companies update their plugins right after every new release. Actually, it is necessary to update your websites with every new version of WordPress. One of the basic chances you can create for the hackers to attack your WordPress website
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