This is a guest post by Dragan Nikolic. Website optimization is not only a merely technical thing. You can do all the tagging, do your meta descriptions, keyword research and other handy things that we are going to touch a bit deeper in the article, but it would mean so much more if it’s supported by content. Your website is not supposed to be read by machines. They are here only to assist the transfer of information and knowledge between your WordPress blog or portfolio to your visitors. Following all the SEO guidelines for optimizing your portfolio must be accompanied with content. Visually appealing, informative, coherent and semantically correct content. Focus for maximum effect Even before you start creating the content for your website, the main thing you should keep thinking about is your target reader: Who wants to know about what you are going to write? If you plan on launching your idea, you must think that you have something to share with the world. The content needs to be aiming at a pretty narrow and particular sample of people. You should picture a stage and you as the only performer on it. And down there, sitting in the hall is one single spectator. The material you are
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