WpIde is a complete WordPress integrated development environment. It is custom tailored for the wordpress developer providing every tool you need in one place. Wordpress Integration WpIde is aware of everything that happens in your WordPress project. It detects plugins, themes and it allows to create new ones with just one click ! Smart Code Completion WpIde knows all the WordPress and php functions. It knows what you want to type, when you tpye the first letters. All the WordPress functions are just a few keys away. Development Instances You can launch a WordPress development instance with just one click. Then you can develop, test and preview your instance straight from your browser. We are not there yet. We are still working hard on polishing and fixing everything. If you want to know when WpIde launches, register for beta, or just say Hi, fill the form below. Register for beta We will soon launch WPIDE beta and would love to get your feedback. Register now if you would like to try the beta version of WpIde.
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