Developers are anxious for WordPress to bump up the minimum PHP requirement for core, as it’s currently lingering at 5.2, which is no longer among the supported versions of PHP. As of August 2014, PHP 5.3 no longer receives patches for security vulnerabilities. Recent updates to stats indicate that 16.4% of WordPress sites are still running on PHP 5.2 and 38% on PHP 5.3. According to lead developer Andrew Nacin, bumping the minimum required version is not likely to happen soon, due to the sheer number of sites that would be negatively impacted. “One-sixth of all sites running PHP 5.2 is still many millions of sites,” he said. “If we move the PHP minimum version too early, we risk stranding millions of installs on older versions of WordPress.” In the meantime, the WordPress project is researching the current state of PHP offerings available at popular hosts and will soon be urging them to update to more recent versions. WordPress developer Coen Jacobs believes that the effort to contact hosts will not be enough to help everyone. His new WPupdatePHP project was created to educate end users on outdated versions of PHP. The WPupdatePHP library is a tool that developers can
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