Every now and then, I’ll be having conversations with fellow developers about various things we’re working on, working through, and looking to focus on in the coming days, months, or weeks. And sometimes, when doing this, it seems like there’s a pattern where some developers are facing some of the same set of challenges as other developers (or they’re facing challenges that other developers have once experienced or maybe even yet to experience). Case in point: Last week, I had several conversations in which I was talking with some others about the feeling of never feeling fully satisfied with code that you’re writing, or with that feeling that comes with wondering if you’re architecting a project correctly. I think we’ve all been there at some point. Personally speaking, I don’t know if the feeling ever goes away. I think we get better at what we do, and I think we become more aware of what we don’t know, but I don’t know if we’re ever completely happy with what we ship. With that said, I think there is something to learn as it relates to writing good code, and reaching milestones in our projects. I can’t speak for how it works everywhere, obviously, but whenever we’re growing up and
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