It is a common practice in all realms of business to think of your competitors as enemies. They are, after all, the ones stealing your customers and revenue. Right? While there is certainly nuggets of truth in this, I firmly believe that viewing competitors as enemies and being frustrated with how they “take your customers” is one of the most damning and harmful attitudes you can have related to your business. If you have ever lost a customer to a competitor, you understand the pain that it invokes. No one ever wants to hear these words: I have switched to your competitor’s product because it works better and has the features I need. Whether they are those exact words or simply a similar sentiment, they hurt. It eats you from the inside out to hear that someone disliked your product, especially if you have spent countless hours over years and years building it. They might as well have just insulted your child or called your work of art ugly. Everyone that creates products falls into this trap at some point in their career. You spend months or years creating your perfect system, only to see someone else come out of the woods with a better, shinier version, and it hurts. It hurts to see
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